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A girl who loves to stay in corners,
listen to music and write her poems.
Her hand sways smoothly, writing.
Her fondness of expressing her thoughts,
it mesmerizes me.

Know her for the way she is,
admire her for the way she lives.
I just can't seem to know and wonder,
that I'm actually talking about myself.

Intoxicated Beauty

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  • Age : 15
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  • Country : Philippines
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Latest Poems By Intoxic8dBeautyxXHaNaXx

  • Hearing whispers, in vain I try to listen
    Waiting for the right moment...

  • Flying pages of this notebook
    Scattered and flew far...

  • Swallowed up by the sound of rapid breathing
    Watching as it slowly fluctuates...

  • Piece of Betrayal
    The world has betrayed me...

  • Evening falls,
    You held on to it tightly...

Latest Quotes By Intoxic8dBeautyxXHaNaXx

  • Death is not what you think of an eternal sleep. Its eternal and has no ending. The only time we're given the time of rest is this time that we are here on Earth breathing.

    14 years ago
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  • Don't kill it. You're just taking away its freedom of rest.

    14 years ago
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  • Relinquishing me is not enough
    Abandoning me in the crisp of the night is not enough
    Making me bleed is not enough
    But trying to kill me is enough
    Why you ask? Because you're taking away the rest I long to hold.

    14 years ago
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