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My name is truly not Marius, but a alias suitable for me. It comes from the Roman root for Mars, the god of war. It has seemed like I am at war with something all the time. Very fitting for me. My real name is Michael P. for anyone that is curious. If you enjoy my work and it helps you with something, that is my ultimate reward for writing.

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Latest Poems By Marius Laun

  • I wonder if when all is said
    and all is done...

  • The love we shared, it used to be so deep
    One dark and gloomy day it went downhill...

  • With eyes that shine like precious polished Jewels
    That look around but ne'er gaze unto me...

  • Life is...
    an eternal struggle...

  • Hollow (1)

    I finally see the light
    at the end of the tunnel...

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  • Friends are like Life Jackets, They can keep you afloat when you are in a sea of dispair

    12 years ago
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  • Take the backroads of life. They are more fun to travel down for you never know what you will find. You will reach the same place but take longer getting there and have more fun in the process.

    12 years ago
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