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most of what i say in my poems is what you need to know about me =)
i'm 18 and had my heart broken 1 too many times. WRITING, MUSIC, DANCING, MY GUITAR AND ART ARE AIR TO ME. i'm a bit crazy and love meeting new people. i have a sense of humor but a sensitive heart. i love my mates to death, they keep me sane.
at the moment, i only have a few poems posted and thats only because my mates begged me to get them out there. i usually don't share too much with people but i can be a little more anonymous on here. My mother inspires me to write as one of the first poems i ever read was hers about the day i was born, maybe one day ill share it with you, although she doesn't know I've read it =), it makes me cry every time i read it.

i write my style of poem and thats all i know. its the way i learnt, and i like it. i don't know all the lingo of poetry. like what the hell is a "stanza"??? actually i don't care, my poetry is mine and i like it =)

***if you r/r/c my comments ill be happy to return the favor =D ***

peace out xx
give me a hoi hoi if u feel like chatting

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  • "all it takes for bad people to triumph is for good people to do nothing"

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