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My name is Kim and I'm from the Netherlands. I study care for animals and I love it!
My hobby's are nature, reading, writing and music.
I am a Paganist, with some Sjamanistic influences.
If you want to know more about me or simply chat, send me a message. ^^

Thank you for checking out my Poems & Quotes!
Blessed Be!


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  • Age : 23
  • Gender : Female
  • Country : Netherlands
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Latest Poems By Kim

  • Love (1)

    Please don't fear me
    Never dare to hate me...

  • Fate (3) 1

    Fate may have a funny way
    To make its message clear...

  • My room is cold and empty
    I am just standing there, completely frozen...

  • I stare at the ceiling
    Sleep avoids me like a mouse avoids a cat...

  • Why? (3)

    Time is passing by
    Steadily and merciless...

Latest Quotes By Kim

  • Once we were together
    Once we were strong in mind and heart
    Then doom struck
    And time tore us apart

    12 years ago
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