Favorite Poems of Sai

  • Haunted 1

    by Yakari Gabriel

    She was there before me, but I wouldn’t say I...
    I can feel her too. Because I’ve been her...

  • For the most part (4) 9 WIN

    by Yakari Gabriel

    I think that I am going to die alone...

  • Bapi in the Kitchen (8) 6 WIN

    by abracadabra

    I like to watch my father chopping vegetables,
    maybe for a Sunday stir fry or a hot lamb curry...

  • unworthy (2) 6

    by Karla

    sometimes i'm out of my own flesh.
    it is when i get lost between my bed...

  • The electric current is cut off. (Four
    hours of darkness, two hours of...

  • comfortable (4) 4

    by Yakari Gabriel

    People tell you to embrace the sad.
    to let it run its course...

  • X I (4) 2

    by tobias kinti

    they put the oil
    on the baby...