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*After 8 long years of silence, the muse if finally speaking again. I hope to post more soon!*

You may notice that there are some lengths of time that I didn't/don't write. Mostly this is due to either lack of inspiration, or way too much going on to sit down and write. My work covers a large variety of topics, especially my early pieces. Anyway, enjoy.

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  • I sit and ponder days gone by
    Forgotten feelings, low and high...

  • Wind-swept years have slipped away
    Since last I glimpsed your lambent face...

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    Love, so sweet and strange a thing
    To make men cry, to make men sing...

  • I see the hills and empty fields
    Encased in dusty hue...

  • Too long it's been since last we met
    That beautiful muse and I...

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  • To spend one day with you is greater than all the money in the world. To spend a day without you is worse than death.

    15 years ago
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