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  • Sparks turns to embers
    Embers turns into flames
    Flames to smoke as we all took...

    by Phyllis
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  • Though we part, our memories remain. The person you once knew is gone, but the memories we've made stay, a reminder of what once was but will never be.

    by poppy
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  • Reunited at last
    Harriet and Holden
    She died a young un
    He died an old un

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  • Below this sacred stone
    Lies my beloved Grant
    He bet he could get out of anything
    I bet that he can’t

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  • This crypt be the eternal resting place
    For all six of the Freys’
    Who like so many others were taken
    During the momo craze

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  • A loving tribute
    To the life of cousin Ella
    Who swiped right on Tinder
    On the wrong type of fella

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  • A life and soul of the party
    Our great uncle Daryl
    When trying to get the dregs
    Fell and drowned in the barrel

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  • In loving memoriam
    Of our dear little Claire
    Went to nature to find herself
    And instead found a bear

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  • Beneath this stone
    Are the remains of Bette
    We did call the ambulance
    But it’s not here yet

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  • Here lies the body
    Of poor little Andy
    Ate some rat poison
    Thought it was candy

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