Friendship Poems Using Slang Words

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  • I wish I’d heard the warnings,
    Taken the ready advice...

  • I remember when
    we were younger...

  • Ma Haterz I Love You (2)

    by Munequita

    Haterz I love you so much
    You think I care when you say those little things...

  • Who Real (1)

    by Cayce Mitchell

    Life is said to be a game
    For u gave up and who's to blame...

  • Homies 4 Ever

    by LaDy RiDaH

    Ghetto Latinas 4 Lyfe
    We ride to tha top...

  • I Miss The Old Friend In You

    by neverendingpain

    To veronica marie
    we used to be so close...

  • Special Friend

    by Kierra Kemp

    U r a special friend
    N I kno dat ull b dere...

  • Travis (3)

    by Sammerz

    Where do i start
    Your someone i feel so close to...

  • The Greatest Foe

    by ely boy estoque

    There was a man who always involved in fight
    He fights day and night...

  • Partner in Crime (14) 1

    by Chelsey

    Based on a true story of chels n em..I love you...
    Got dressed and headed out...

  • Never Forgotten ? ` |iv ` (3)

    by x0xTaKeMeAwAyx0x

    I will never forget you, i promise,
    You`ll remain forever in my heart...

  • Someone i can talk to
    someone i can trust...