Birthday poems

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  • Today is yours, and yours only
    This day comes but once every year...

  • Happy Birthday

    by Marlyn Cabrera

    Happy birthday to someone
    Who’s more than just a friend...

  • Happy Birthday Darling (4)

    by Michael D Nalley

    So today you celebrate your birthday
    I asked you yesterday if you were happy...

  • A girl thing_

    by N.Lee

    And maybe it's a girl thing.
    one day i feel like i need to loose a pound or two...

  • Today,
    You will surely have...

  • A Happy Birthday (15)

    by Gasttlee

    If there is a day
    we have our way...

  • Happy Birthday (2) 1

    by Silently He walks

    Happy birthday baby
    and I wish you many more...

  • Happy Birthday

    by x Mo x

    Today is your day!
    Let nothing stop you...

  • Perfect Birthday (1)

    by Baby Rainbow

    I spent today inside a dream
    so that I could be with you...

  • Happy birthday (2)

    by njabulo b

    Trully from my heart i'm wishing you,
    the day that will be bright like the sunshine of...

  • Thanks for caring
    Thanks for sharing...

  • Impeach the President

    by Soulful Ensemble

    Dear America, you sucker for fools,
    You let him in and he doesn't follow the rules...