Quotes About Darkness and Horror

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  • I have all these cuts because every time you hurt me i went and hurt myself.

    by Eve
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  • Staring at the ceiling in the dark and gloom
    Silly me thinking you’d be home soon
    After all, I’m just a stupid girl

    My rotten corpse as still as the deadbolt
    My mind out drifting out of my control
    And she’s sleeping with my world

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  • My addictions seem harmful to you but painless to me

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  • When you look into my heart, you will see it is blacker than my soul.

    by Sean
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  • A demon slithers within every soul, no matter how pure the taste is

    by Michael
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  • Twisted soul trapped inside your hate...Let me go.

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  • Everyone has a darker side to them.

    Even those who try and hide theirs...

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  • The power to kill is no power at all.

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  • I feel as if hell itself is rising in me, all I see is darkness, all I feel are the flames.....

    All I know is gone.

    by Phantom
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  • The hate in me grows, as the love fades away.
    Nothing is left but the shadow of me.
    So abuse me, beat me, cut me
    Since I’m nothing more than a shadow.

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