Quotes About Darkness and Horror

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  • Let me die in the gloom
    let my blood stream in my room
    and let me crawl to the doom
    The bell of my suicide is about to boom

    {This is a part of my poem" From HELL to HELL"..

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  • " The reason I loved u that I could see U in the darkness but never found u in the light"

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  • Life is a dream, on the way to death.

    by verona
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  • "i should be loyal to the nightmare of my choice"

    Heart of darkness
    Joseph Conrad

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  • Innocense has played itself dry.

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  • There is no need to fear the darkness. For in darkness, no shadow can exist...

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  • Tired of these endless games,
    Time to end the darkened day
    To raise the sword
    To kill the light
    Because there is no reason left to fight...

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  • Crime is evil, evil is sin, sin is forgiven so crime is free, thus fack the law and fack it all.
    The harder it's comes the harder they fall.

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  • Good Intentions are another name for mistakes that cost too much for an apology

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  • " I'm addicted to pain,I love to see me bleeding..But it's not enough to make me weird in ur eyes,I'm just having fun my way"..

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