Fantasy and Mystical Poems

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  • One sip at a time (syntuit) (12) 7

    by - Mr. Darcy


  • Silver Tails (5) 2

    by Augustus Black

    A man saw four beauty queens of ocean --
    They were sitting on rocks...

  • Mercy (2) 1

    by Theoretical Thespian

    I, a knight with shining armor
    Wielding sword and shield...

  • Doube game

    by lordana jacques

    A game it was, just the two of us,
    promising each other , no love, affection...

  • Languid lament becomes all that we know,
    Or could this be a reason to fight back...

  • Emerald Eyes (1) 1

    by Kurt

    Twelve years ago on a day unknown
    I fled the city where I had grown...

  • Pitiful Maya, hunted by the Heavenly Host:
    proclaimed Tyrant who defy Heaven's Will...

  • A Murderers Mind 1

    by Pisciym

    I'm About To Lose my Mind
    I've Been Wasting My Talent...

  • Game of Thrones 1

    by Lune de ma vie

    Darkness leaks between the glints,
    shimmers of glittering light sparkle against the...

  • The Hunt (12) 3

    by Augustus Black

    Form - Narrative
    Title - The Hunt...

  • Abduction (form - Acrostic) (5) 3

    by Augustus Black

    Aliens had abducted me;
    Beam of lights from their spacecraft took me up...

  • I have a dream where the world turned into a game.
    You need to level up before the moon came...