Fantasy and Mystical Poems

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  • How To Win A War (gods Collide) (6) 3

    by Aries Rising

    He sits upon his throne,
    Chin on the pommel of his sword...

  • Medusa:

    by Scott Cole

    Long ago in the Ancient World
    And beneath the Poseidon seas...

  • Mortal Sin

    by Hope

    Someday; somehow;
    my bones lye in their grave of mortal sin...

  • Drops of Jupiter (10) 5

    by Hope

    I'll dance for you, Lucifer;
    as sirens sing drops of Jupiter...

  • Smoke for the Dawn (2) 2

    by Hope

    Weave lightening cracks in my wrist,
    scorch my blood as hot as flames from the sun...

  • I'll tell you, sister;
    the fall from Spring to Winter...

  • A crotchety cantina hosts a
    Malevolent, fetish night...

  • Specter (8) 5

    by Lvi Joe

    The chromatic curve of

  • I Shall Wear Midnight (9) 7

    by Aries Rising

    I will wrap it around me so tightly I will not be...
    Stars glistening on my skin like pin prick...

  • Paper Crowns (1) 1

    by Aries Rising

    The time is gone and over
    I must relinquish my crown...

  • A Solitary Beast (3) 2

    by Aries Rising

    So sometimes I seek solitude.
    Truth be told, I like my time alone...

  • Unsheathed Thorns 1

    by Frank

    Poor little insect must solve
    the quarry of finding his way home...