Poems About Nature

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  • Seminal

    by Satish Verma

    An early bloomer:
    you jumped on the otherside...

  • Myth Of Suicide

    by Satish Verma

    Be laid:
    with your private wounds...

  • Walking In The Woods

    by Satish Verma

    Like war of words.
    A fierce battle of winds...

  • Seasons Turn (3) 2

    by Joseph Kerr

    It’s come around, it’s here once more
    The season I’ve been waiting for...

  • Cutting Edge

    by Satish Verma

    The rocks in water
    like words, between...

  • Flying Glass Shards 1

    by Satish Verma

    The mess you made, was

  • Lemon (Acrostic) (8) 7

    by Maple Tree

    Listening to rainfall within a silent
    evening, I gracefully capture the...

  • Dressed In Pixie Dust (36) 20 WIN

    by Ben Pickard

    Come to me softly and whisper my name...

  • The Clan (1) 2

    by Satish Verma

    As I come, for molarity
    without molars...

  • Obstinacy

    by Satish Verma

    Be tender, with me-
    in midstream...

  • A fresh breeze (6) 4

    by Dagmar Wilson

    Farewell color green
    orange is in style...

  • Like An Asteroid

    by Satish Verma

    Burning rocks had
    a near miss. The...