Birthday poems

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  • Happy Birthday (2) 1

    by Silently He walks

    Happy birthday baby
    and I wish you many more...

  • Birthday Girl (1)

    by james

    This is for my birthday girl
    This year your seventeen...

  • Happy birthday (7)

    by Fsams

    Roses and blossoms bloomed today
    Spreading the fragrance all the way...

  • A Letter To My Baby (a Child) (2)

    by Kolleen Rianne

    Date Written: December 04, 2008
    Written By: KolleenRianne D. T. Rios...

  • June 9th (1)

    by Brendan

    June 9th comes around once a year
    And I hope you do not mind if I say...

  • Today is your birthday,
    the day you were born...

  • You get mad right?
    You have times when your sad at night...

  • Marvelous Day (1)

    by Joseph K Apanian

    I woke up today with inner joy
    Like a child having his wishing toy...

  • Happy Birthday

    by Eacer

    Another year has come and gone
    This day holds special meaning...

  • It's A Girl (2)

    by Jenna Lynn

    Look at her,
    Isnt she beautiful...

  • Sweet Wish..

    by leanna marie leo

    The sweet light,
    light that has the glory...

  • 'tween weeds and vines blossoms, a rose
    against all odds your beauty grows...