Birthday poems

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  • A girl thing_

    by my love

    And maybe it's a girl thing.
    one day i feel like i need to loose a pound or two...

  • Perfect Birthday (1)

    by Baby Rainbow

    I spent today inside a dream
    so that I could be with you...

  • Happy birthday (7)

    by Fsams

    Roses and blossoms bloomed today
    Spreading the fragrance all the way...

  • Happy Birthday (2) 1

    by Silently He walks

    Happy birthday baby
    and I wish you many more...

  • Happy Birthday Dad. (1)

    by Sad But True

    Oh my papa, to me he was so wonderful,
    Oh my papa to me he was so good...

  • Your Birthday (2)

    by Richard S

    You keep yourself so busy
    On your natal day...

  • Today (1)

    by Kuro

    Today is the day.
    Unwanted happiness forced on you...

  • Passing Age (1)

    by HollywoodSmile

    You crawl to your feet
    as a child you experience triumph and defeat...

  • This isn't one of my best poems, i did it in about...

  • Happy Birthday Taryn! (2)

    by Catastrophic Beauty

    Bordered with innocence
    You're so kind and pure...

  • Happy Birthday (12)

    by Lori

    Happy Birthday mom
    You reached number forty-seven...

  • A Birthday Wish (4)

    by Darien

    A Birthday Wish
    A year had come and gone so fast...