Birthday poems

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  • God gave me a son (7)

    by tryinXtoXholdXmyXheadXup

    This is not for me or about me it is for a friend...

  • Sweet Child of Mine (7)

    by Kevin McNulty

    It's the one you've always dreamt of
    Baby girl all of your own...

  • 46 Moons (6) 3

    by Maple Tree

    I wasn't surprised-
    getting lost in the shuffle...

  • Birthday Girl (1)

    by james

    This is for my birthday girl
    This year your seventeen...

  • This isn't one of my best poems, i did it in about...

  • Happy Birthday Darling (4)

    by Michael D Nalley

    So today you celebrate your birthday
    I asked you yesterday if you were happy...

  • Birthday Girl (1)

    by Princess JJ

    Hey birthday girl,
    Today is your special day...

  • A Happy Birthday (15)

    by Gasttlee

    If there is a day
    we have our way...

  • Our Miracle (12)

    by Biscuit

    A beautiful gift.
    A gracious surprise...

  • Happy Birthday Taryn! (2)

    by Catastrophic Beauty

    Bordered with innocence
    You're so kind and pure...

  • Happy Birthday Austin (10)

    by Ann Stareyes

    You're growing up so fast
    You'll be turning 4 real soon...

  • From me to you (2)

    by Bek

    You know you mean the world to me,
    you have done all my life...