Birthday poems

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  • Happy birthday dearest, heres to a new year
    A year full of happiness, hopefullness, no tears...

  • Happy birthday grandpa (3)

    by kareeenuhhh

    I love you grandpa,
    even though today is not your birthday i want to...

  • Birthday Tears (3)

    by Katt

    I hear crying
    But where does it come from...

  • Birthday gone wrong (3)

    by Ashlin

    Waking up to voices
    cheerful as can be...

  • Sweet Child of Mine (7)

    by Kevin McNulty

    It's the one you've always dreamt of
    Baby girl all of your own...

  • A birthday and a holiday in one (2) 1

    by Judy Sullivan

    May your birthday be of joyful celebrations
    along with a toast to out do all occasions...

  • Hey, you're three (3)

    by morbidangel69

    Hey Kylie, you're now three,
    And your spending your birthday without me...

  • My young man with a heart of gold
    blessed we feel to have you with us...

  • Mom (8)

    by Kia

    Thought hard times,
    Fun times...

  • You get mad right?
    You have times when your sad at night...

  • Not So Happy BDay (4)

    by Nicholle

    Based on a true story... of my b-day...

  • June 9th (1)

    by Brendan

    June 9th comes around once a year
    And I hope you do not mind if I say...