Fathers Day Poems

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  • My Dad

    by KemistryKia

    Confidence is his key
    laughter is his hand...

  • Daddy (2)

    by Chelsea

    WHO ARE YOU...

  • On my way (1)

    by Yeka

    I know you miss me
    I miss you...

  • This is the poem I wrote for my dad this last...
    Dad, you'e great...

  • Happy Father's Day (1)

    by Brendan

    Happy Father’s Day
    Is what I say...

  • Happy Fathers Day Dad.

    by Melissa May

    I know you aren't my biological father,
    And I think god you are not...

  • The legendary father

    by just a poet

    Fables, stories, tales and myths,
    and even the oldest legends...

  • Papa Ritche

    by Reena

    My Papa Ritche, bow!
    From the day I was born 'til today...

  • Fathers Day (2)


    I always had a reason
    fabricate some lie...

  • If I Father

    by Tom SternerHowe

    So.... I have watched each of you sleep,
    tasted the perfect bloom...

  • To my father, on father's day

    by caroline falzon

    On this day the world is celebrating,
    The special man to whom it's dedicating...

  • To many you are just a guy
    A guy who drinks...