Mothers Day Poems

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  • My Mother Dear (1)

    by peggy boone

    You came into my life when it mattered,
    you offered me your love...

  • A mothers love is forever,
    Its pleasent like the warm spring sun...

  • Before birth, no woman chooses
    What kind of child she will deliver...

  • Mother In Law (acrostic) (8) 1

    by Meena Krish

    Mother is what she has always been to me
    Over the years showing and teaching many a thing...

  • Happy Mother's Day! (2)


    Happy Mother's Day!
    Hey moms, hope many good things this day come your...

  • For Mothers Hands (1) 1

    by Melanie

    For mothers hands are strong and warm
    To comfort me through the storm...

  • Momma (1)

    by Ali

    Dear Mom,
    I know you can be mad at times...

  • Proudly woman (2)

    by Yatubeera Resty

    The measure of my existance
    None can imagine...

  • Greatest Blessing (Etheree)
    she is the most amazing woman I...

  • Just One Day (Mothers day) (1)

    by Gary R Priester

    Just one day to shine the light
    On a mother's love I hold so tight...

  • Mother's Day (1)

    by Rama Ammuri

    In my own way
    I wish you a happy mother's day...

  • Mama

    by Andreas Ardha

    When I was an Embryo, you gave me your womb
    You gave me nine month from your life, to make me...