Mothers Day Poems

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  • Through all my years,
    You were always there for me...

  • An Ode to Mommy

    by kittie007

    Thank you for my life,
    And not thinking you made a mistake...

  • Happy Mother's Day (1)

    by Jeannette Lopez

    As beautiful the snow is in December
    As charming a Prince may be...

  • Mother

    by KDKBS

    A mother's love is pure,
    A mother's love is kind...

  • For My Granny (2)

    by Skyra

    If rose's grow in heaven...

  • Happy Mother's Day (3)

    by Michelle18

    I dont know where to start,
    I dont know what to say...

  • Mother (2)

    by Mohamed

    There was a moment
    I could never spoke one word...

  • My Mommy Dearest (3)

    by PoeticJustice

    My mommy Dearest
    Creator to all that is me...

  • A Wish for Mom

    by Richard S

    They kiss our scrapes and make it better.
    They're always there for us...

  • My Mother (28)

    by Goran Rahim

    So many times
    She remained hungry In order to feed me...

  • I love you mom (1)

    by Run out of words

    I love you beyond all the bounds,
    From across the sea to beneath the grounds...

  • Happy Mother's Day(this is sad) (3)

    by Lesbian Natalie

    Happy Mother's Day
    By: Natalie Heym...