Quotes About Nature

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  • The piercing sunset
    Soothes my soul and darken fears
    Giving optismism


    by Darlena
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  • The most beautiful creatures are in the night...

    by Fanny
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  • "Snow should be treated like wild beasts at the Zoo, observed from behind a pane of glass and never disturbed"

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  • Body is on the ground
    But mind and spirit are in the sky

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  • It once bothered me because I thought I was crazy but now that I know I am crazy it doesn't bother me any more.

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  • ' when i new day begins give thanks, smile gratefully, take advantage as if it's your last day'.

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  • Rose

    Soft like velvet to the skin.
    Red so dark feels like sin.

    The petals drip with the dews sweet scent.
    On the damp earth creating a vent.

    For natures cycle to repeat.
    The love is the rose-beauty complete.

    by Christy
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  • A beautiful sunset can't love, yet i love it. A crashing ocean can't hear, but i can hear it . A shooting star can't whish, but i can.

    by Jackie
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  • Embracing radiating heat via softened pale sand, blossoming relationships and vividly colored flowerings surround the mere thought of summertime. And in the distance, one may see, the warm merciful sentiments, for all to be.

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  • “Faith is being sure , of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see”

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