you can find poems of you in my intercoastal spaces.

by prasanna   Nov 28, 2019


i swallowed your words and they
inosculate with my ribs,
poems blossom when they come to
fruition in mid-august, dying before
autumn’s in full swing.

but between the two of us –

autumn & winter are the easiest
seasons for me to catch my breath;
my lungs don’t catch on the thorns
of the poems.

the roots do not die, they’re perennials
and their sap is teeming
with cups of you.


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  • 2 years ago

    by Star

    Judging Comment:

    There is so many beautiful imagery in this poem, and for me personally it felt sad.

    Although the word are beautiful they still hurt.
    “i swallowed your words and they
    inosculate with my ribs, “
    The other persons words became a part of him. And they blossom in summer and spring. Causing pain as their thorns will be stuck into him. Even though he has rest time during autumn and fall. The roots and the seeds are dormant, and the pain will come again when the season change.

    It feels like the poet, wants to let go of a beautiful past, maybe a person. He is ready to move into a new chapter of his life. But he is not sure he can make the memory or person away from his thoughts forever.

  • 2 years ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    I keep coming back to these lines:

    "my lungs don’t catch on the thorns
    of the poems."

    SERIOUSLY. Love.

    Also, love the whole idea of poems blossoming, and the fact that some flowers and plants may die in winter or be dormant then pop back up in spring, yet the roots remain and survive the winter. This person's presence is living through you, through your memories, through the sap, everywhere and everything.

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