you are love. (napowrimo 2021 day 28)

by hiraeth   Apr 29, 2021

you are a constant. you are light. you are
a wellspring of hope. you are on the cusp
of my every thought. you are like floaters
in my eyes, i see you in everything. you
are my favourite song, i hum your melody
everywhere i go. you are my favourite poem,
i carry your verses in my left pocket. you are
the cosmos i want to explore. you are a gentle
awakening on the weekends, like light parading
through one’s curtains to warmly embrace their
face. you are the sea, you frighten me with your
depth – i know next to little about you. you are
like the first snows of december. you are the first
rains of april. you are winter. you are summer.
you are the reason for everything –

you are.

and i am.

and that’s enough for me.

prompt: "nothing is ever the same. Things change. Tell me one thing that doesn’t ever change?" by luce in the napowrimo thread


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  • 1 month ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    I know you've posted a lot of poems lately, and I want you to know this resonated with me the most out of several others I read before the weekend. Everything came together for me in this. It reminded me of Scripture, of the famous "love is patient, love is kind". There's an omnipresence and also a humility, in the closing lines, of knowing and accepting who you are in their light. You are not simply a shadow, or an afterthought. You receive that love and learn from that love and give to it as well. I appreciate the simple statements too that speak for themselves. The similes and metaphors that show this is love and resembling all kinds of it. My favorite line was about love frightening you, because you know next to little about it. I feel like that can be true for many things. We can know and name and acknowledge love, and be blessed to be in its embrace, yet still wonder how it came to be. But that doesn't take away its authenticity.

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