the echo of her voice keeps hunting her

by Star   Oct 5, 2021

there is no going back,

her voice echoed
throughout the valley.

the sun was still
peaking in,
but her legs were
too weak to keep
holding her;

she barely found
her next step.

the voices in
the wind




goes silent for
a split second

then start again,
as if it's a

there is no going back


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Latest Comments

  • 7 months ago

    by Lost star

    Beautifully penned Star i really love this poem (saved to favs for later) I particularly like how you presented it, controlling the reader so well is something that takes a certain conviction when we write. Awesome writing :)

    • 7 months ago

      by Star

      Thank you so much :)

  • 7 months ago

    by Michael

    Nicely penned STAR : )
    A haunting piece, but delicately put together. M

    • 7 months ago

      by Star

      Thank you :) good to see you around!

  • 7 months ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    This piece left me feeling haunted. Through and through. When I first read this, I actually had just finished watching an episode of The Haunting of Hill House series. It gave me that same feeling as the show did. The certainty of not being able to return. I see it as so many different things. Not being able to return to a certain kind of naive state of mind, knowing something that can't be easily forgiven or reconciled. Not being able to return to a place or memory of safety, of peace, of content. Feeling a loss of control, swayed by what remains. Now, does she have time to collect her thoughts, to proceed forward, whatever lays ahead, with confidence and courage? Or is it like she is lost, these voices pushing her down, confusing her sense of self, who she knows herself to be...

    I love your emphasis, in the title, of "the echo". That kind of solidified it for me, that it's her who's haunting herself. Her past actions, she has to now face the consequences of. Whatever has been done, she can't undo. And though the birds will still chirp, the sun will still shine, she has to somehow cope. She can either become unraveled by the past or try to start over on whatever foundation she can possibly build.

    Loved this!

    • 7 months ago

      by Star

      Thank you sooo much <3

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