With love

by Rachel E F Allen   Apr 27, 2005

How did it ever come to this
Dark and empty inside
Why can I not open my heart anymore
Why do I still run and hide
When the only thing that I know in my life
Is what I felt when you were mine
Now it is black and cold and empty in me
Instead of our love divine
I used to watch you as you slept
Lean in to inhale your scent
Now I lie in the dark with my bleeding heart
Dreaming of those hours we spent
I used to see the look on your face
When I wore my heart on my sleeve
I am a fool I know for I hurt you so
And now you will never believe
I used to dream that you always love me
That you’d be mine for all of my life
Right from the start you had my heart
And all I dreamt of was being your wife
This decision you have taken to stop your pain
I can’t blame you I would do the same
If you got into bed with another each night
I wouldn’t be able to take the pain
After all the time we spent apart
And the decision that you have made
Don’t ask me to tell me if I love you
Or tell what could have been if I had stayed
Don’t tell me that you miss me please anymore
That you want to feel my caress
Don’t tell my that I broke your broken heart
Or make me feel that I could not care less
Because I sit here ever single night alone
My arms aching to be around you
I thought after a while it would get easier
Still hear knowing not what to do
Please don’t ask me to open up to you
When all I am trying to be your friend
I cannot take anymore my wounds are too sore
Just walk away and that will be the end
I cannot do it again I cannot leave you alone
Even if I do you are still in my head
I am feeling so bleak so down and so weak
Not knowing what to do instead
So I sit here alone, writing line after line
As the rain gets harder from above
And wipe the silent tears off of my cheeks
To Simon, as always, with love xx


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Latest Comments

  • 16 years ago

    by Falling Up

    WOW... i am so jealous.. i just started getting back into poetry recently, but i dont actually know any rhyming scemes, or formats on how a proper poem should be.. so i basically just write how i feel and try to make it rhyme , or free verse... so i was wondering if u could help me there.. your a great poet and i was wondering if u could tell me the rhyme sceme you used in this one... i like how it flows so well.... i just wish i was that good.... your truly brilliant when it comes to poetry! keep it up

  • 16 years ago

    by shannon

    wow...amazing..very good ..5/5 keep it up


  • 16 years ago

    by Emilia

    5/5!!1! very well-written!!

  • 16 years ago

    by Robert

    The flow was real bad on this one you leaped from one idea to another so fast that it was hard to keepo up. Some of the stuff had a good flow but it was too small and little to really enjoy. All and all it seemed like a dear John Letter that shot from idea to idea. I seen you do better, shorten this one up you got alot of redundant words that could be omitted but its always a work in progress...

  • 16 years ago

    by themeuneverseen

    Great poem hun! This was so powerful and beautiful! Thanx for the comments on my poems. They really helped me.
    love alwayz....

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