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Hi! Am 29, married with a daughter, just been offered a deal for my first book - To Touch a Butterfly so will be in the shops/online within 3 months. Love reading and writing. I am a stronger writer than poet but I enjoy it and find it an excellent way to unwind and release feelings. Have looked around and found some incredibly heartfelt and beautiful poetry on this site. I see the beauty of most work and don't believe that poetry has to be a set form, patterned or any other of the traditional methods. I love reviewing and am honest about what I read. I will say though I think it takes guts to put your work out there particularly if it's about something painful in your life. So this is to you if you've submitted something - WELL DONE!

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  • All dressed up in gold and cream
    Feeling trapped like I need to scream...

  • How did it ever come to this
    Dark and empty inside...

  • Oh love how I miss your warm embrace
    The smile that you can light up on my face...

  • Open your eyes now my darling
    Let me kiss them until you awake...

  • Was it ever really meant to be? Did you ever...
    Did you feel the same feeling I felt inside...

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  • Self-harm out of desperation is easy after the first, the real struggle would be to heal, but what a rewarding journey it can be

    16 years ago
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  • Learn to respect yourself - other's will follow!

    16 years ago
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