Missed You Too Much

by allison   Jun 23, 2005

Do you really think I meant it?
Well I didn\'t, My love for you will never quit

Why did you leave me, standing alone in the crowd
The feelings I have for you are so loud

You’ve hurt me so many times
I can’t describe the way I still feel for you in these rhymes

What will happen when you leave?
I know I’ll just sit and grieve

Why’d you hang up on me the other day?
For loving you, I guess it’s the price I pay

Why do I stay here, along beside you
For so many reasons, I wish you knew

Well here we are, you say we can’t go on
The heart from my chest, it’s gone

You walk away, leave me in tears
And now I realize no one really cares

Your the reason Im so screwed
My hole life is just one big feud

I sit in my room day to day, im going crazy
These years of my life, so hazy

Three years past, Im still upset
In this bathtub I sit and fret

Put my head under, hold it there
I wont come back up I swear

Im sick of always being feared

It’s over now, I’ve disappeared


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Latest Comments

  • 18 years ago

    by Arora

    Is this true? sad, but good. Keep it up! <3 5/5

  • 18 years ago

    by ღ Christina ღ

    Excellent poem! 5

  • 18 years ago

    by SHYSTY23KO

    damn, i can relate! Sucks huh? Good writing tho! Thank you for youur comments. keep writing, you have good ratings!

  • 18 years ago

    by Britney

    Hey Loved the emotion in this poem. Your a great writer so keep it up and oh yea your rhyming was great!

  • 18 years ago

    by Natalie84

    This one too is filled with tons of emotion...

    "You’ve hurt me so many times
    I can’t describe the way I still feel for you in these rhymes" My favorite lines. I love when you can refer to the one thing you LOVE (writing) in a poem...

    The only thing I found within this piece is that it seemed you were picking words to add just for the sake of rhyming. So it threw the flow off just a bit. All in all I liked the poem. In reading it one can feel your pain...nicely done.