So Called Love

by Sydney   Sep 3, 2007

Far from here
is where I wish to be
Far from countless hours spent
thinking on ways to be free

Free from his grasp,
torment and despair
Free from anxiety's,
wishing I'm not there

Maybe it was my fault
I shouldn't have asked to go out
Of course he'd be drunk
and smack me across the mouth

I guess I deserve it
Me and my stupid thoughts
Aways trying to runaway again,
always getting caught

You'd call me names,
Say I'm worth nothing
Yes, your right
so please don't hurt me hunny

Remember when you'd hold me
Kiss me under the stars?
Now you just beat me
and cover me up in scars

Telling me to make love to you
after another painful night
I say no and you get furious,
so you force me without a fight.

I just cant deal
with this pain anymore
So I pack up my bags,
and head for the door

But you don't take it well
and hit me once more
But this time I'm left
bleeding all over the floor

A single tear
leaves my blackened eyes,
because the one I love
just left me to die


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by Gabrielle

    Great poem 5/5

  • 13 years ago

    by Ronn

    This poem is really good. i like it a lot.

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