by A l y s s a   Jan 29, 2008

I'm drawing the line
Don't mess with my heart.
You've done it before
You tore us apart.

Tell me one thing
What were you expecting?
I'm not taking you back
My reputation needs protecting.

I've changed since you left
Its a completely new me.
If you opened your eyes
You'd be able to see.

You made me who I am now
Unable to trust anyone.
Just leave me alone
For enough has been done.

Who do you think you are
Making decisions for me?
You no longer have that right
So just let me be free.

My hearts no longer yours
So don't say you love me.
I've fallen for that once
Through your lies I couldn't see.

You always make a mess
Then hide from consequence.
Leaving broken hearts
Shattering my defence.

But not this time around
For I am standing strong.
We don't belong together
I've known it all along.

But I don't understand
Why you even bother.
What makes me special
More special than any other?

You don't usually try this hard
To get the girl you desire.
Too bad we'd never work
Its a shame you're a liar.

Ally. x


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