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I have started writing poetry this past year... I like to write it because it helps me to express my true feelings, and emotions... plz comment/vote on my poems, so I know what I can work on, and what is good. thx!

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  • Rain starts to fall,
    Slowly at first...

  • That one day,
    I will not forget...

  • Standing on the edge,
    Looking down below...

  • Can't he see what is going on?
    How she rips him apart...

  • Trapped in a fairytale
    of loving capabilities...

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  • Why do you lead me on, and play me like a fool... When all I wanted to do was just to be in love with you....

    14 years ago
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  • ~There's a time and place
    for everything.
    There's a reason why
    certain people meet.
    There's a destination
    for everyone.
    What's the explanation
    when we're done?

    15 years ago
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  • If there was a river in my way,
    I'd cross it.
    If there was a mountain to climb,
    I'd climb it.
    If there was any way to get closer to being the one you love,
    I'd be there doing it.

    15 years ago
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