Favorite Poems of Jamie Lorraine

  • Miracles (4)

    by Michael D Nalley

    Coincidence happens every day
    Many miracles do too by the way...

  • My Baby boy (4)

    by XxBabii GirlxX

    Whenever I Think Of my baby
    I Just Cant Help But Smile...

  • I thought (3)

    by Rynishia

    I thought we'd last forever
    and the obstacle's we'd overcome...


  • Maybe later... (3)

    by Tangible heartache

    Maybe later, the pain won't feel so deep,
    Maybe later, I'll be able to go to sleep...

  • Some Day... (27)

    by Suicidal Love

    She sat there in her corner
    So quiet, so alone...

  • She sat
    On a stone...

  • Life Goes On (3)

    by Edward Latina

    Where was your tender touch?
    Leaving me to regret much...

  • Only you (2)

    by Ryley B

    Timeless I wonder for your heart
    Needing you like a little child needs its mum...

  • My heart forever lies with you
    And I know that you love me too...

  • She was daddy's little soldier; strong and brave...
    standing strong through all the abuse; wanting to...

  • I'm stuck in a three way triangle,
    My mind is driving me crazy...

  • Always (3)

    by Seth

    Whenever the phone rings,
    my heart starts to pound...

  • How do you say goodbye? (3)

    by trEw lOvE

    God send me an answer from above
    How do you say goodbye to the one you love...

  • The last dance (1)

    by Samantha

    He asked to dance i took his hand,
    He looked in to my eyes as i looked in to his...

  • The baby (3)

    by Samantha

    He left me yesterday,
    His with her today...

  • I'll Believe All Your Lies (1)

    by XxXlove for him foreverXxX

    It feels like weeks but it's only been a few days,
    My broken heart will never be fixed...

  • Where did we go wrong
    it was so pleasent and yet...

  • Outcast (4)

    by Simon

    I'm so tired of all the pain in my life
    like people stabbing me in the back with a knife...

  • One Last Dance

    by Jacey

    I guess I made a mistake
    I should have never said...

  • Lost Prayers (11)

    by Tony E

    You pray to god every night,
    Asking for the same thing...

  • To my cousin (3)

    by shawn hoskins

    I don't have any direction don't know were i'm...

  • R.I.P. Tony Cooper (4)

    by shawn hoskins

    Another day i don't feel like taking anything, But...

  • Leukemia (12)

    by Just Sierra

    I'm drowsy from the drugs I'm on
    As my breaths are slow but deep...

  • Love? (Gay Poem) (5)

    by Michael

    A mirror image I am,
    like anyone else...

  • A cross and a stone (6)

    by shawn hoskins

    I wish i could just see her face just one more...

  • Say hello to heaven for me (9)

    by shawn hoskins

    Say hello to heaven for me,your gone to a better...

  • Only 18 (8)

    by shawn hoskins

    He had his whole life in front of him he was only...

  • Beautiful (18)

    by Danny

    Your beauty knows no ends
    From both inside and out...

  • No Single Tear (10)

    by La Muse Angelique

    You where have you gone...