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HEYA everyboday! names bree but my real name is BREANNA!!
gay i know! writing these poems...some of them are what ive been through...none of them are about a relationship.....though some ppl think they are lol....but yep some of them i just write up randomly and others actually come from something!


IM NOT ONE TO JUDGE A PERSON BY HOW THEY LOOK!....never judge a book by its cover....thats the best sayin i think!...and its so true!!!

Journey to the past, were everything is known, though journey to the future so your heart can grow.

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  • In the still of the night, is where dreams come true. In the still of the night is where my heart longs for you.
    always wanting always seeking you. But then again dreams are made to come true.

    12 years ago
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  • You are now as i used to be
    and i am now as you soon shall be.
    life =death.

    13 years ago
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  • Remember those good times gone, swallow those painful memories. Enjoy the winds new breath of air, bask in the suns loving light.

    13 years ago
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