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i am 24 years young. my vice is coffee. i have had my heart shattered. i am sick of people lying to me and trying to make me belive they love me. if you love me, stand by me. if you don't, don't bother lying. im a pretty nice girl, if you care to get to know me. i'm not here for your entertainment, though, so don't mess with me. i live and breathe for my friends. they matter to me more than anything in this world. i am tough to love, sometimes, but impossible to forget. i am unlike anyone you will ever meet. remember, if it's not kyra, it's not the real thing.

- i hate it when people waste my time.
- i write poetry.
- i believe in peace.
- i love wearing my black hoodie.
- i talk too much.
- i care about everyone even if i
pretend not to.
- i love the smell of rain, coffee,
and lillies.
- i've been through more shit than i
will ever tell you about.
- i've done things i'm not proud of, but i don't hide what i've done or
what i've become.
- if you don't like me, then tough. i will not change for someone who
doesn't care for me.
- i'm not high maintenance. give me a movie and a cheese pizza and
i will love you forever.
- i'm a total mess, but it's hard to
not love me spite of it.
- i have a deep appriciation for the
art of life. i don't kill bugs,(Unless its a roch)
- i'm one crazy kewl, totally-out-
there-kid. love me.
-i LOVE bright colours. and techno music. and lights.
-im not here to amuse or amaze you.
-i am the original beautiful disaster.
-i am not a cover girl.
-i have a name and a face. if you can't put the two together, then don't talk bad about me.
-i am tough not to love, but impossible to like.
-i know the meaning of life...if you're lucky... ill show you sometime.
-there is NOTHING i will not do for friends.
-im unlike anyone you will ever meet.

Life is a tragedy face it.
Life is a duty perform it. Life is a game play it. Life is a mystery unfold it.
Life is a song sing it.
Life is an opportunity take it.
Life is a journey complete it.
Life is a promise fulfill it.
Life is a goal achieve it.
Life is a puzzle solve it.
Life is a struggle fight it.
Life is a spirit release it. Life is a beauty praise it. Life is a love embrace it.<3

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  • Is trying to keep their mouth shut and not say everything they are thinking...and if you know their them you know how hard this is for them to do!!

    10 years ago
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  • When life gives you lemons, cut them in half and squeeze them into the eyes of the people who tick you will make you feel better.....

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