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i am 24 years young. my vice is coffee. i have had my heart shattered. i am sick of people lying to me and trying to make me belive they love me. if you love me, stand by me. if you don't, don't bother lying. im a pretty nice girl, if you care to get to know me. i'm not here for your entertainment, though, so don't mess with me. i live and breathe for my friends. they matter to me more than anything in this world. i am tough to love, sometimes, but impossible to forget. i am unlike anyone you will ever meet. remember, if it's not kyra, it's not the real thing.

- i hate it when people waste my time.
- i write poetry.
- i believe in peace.
- i love wearing my black hoodie.
- i talk too much.
- i care about everyone even if i
pretend not to.
- i love the smell of rain, coffee,
and lillies.
- i've been through more shit than i
will ever tell you about.
- i've done things i'm not proud of, but i don't hide what i've done or
what i've become.
- if you don't like me, then tough. i will not change for someone who
doesn't care for me.
- i'm not high maintenance. give me a movie and a cheese pizza and
i will love you forever.
- i'm a total mess, but it's hard to
not love me spite of it.
- i have a deep appriciation for the
art of life. i don't kill bugs,(Unless its a roch)
- i'm one crazy kewl, totally-out-
there-kid. love me.
-i LOVE bright colours. and techno music. and lights.
-im not here to amuse or amaze you.
-i am the original beautiful disaster.
-i am not a cover girl.
-i have a name and a face. if you can't put the two together, then don't talk bad about me.
-i am tough not to love, but impossible to like.
-i know the meaning of life...if you're lucky... ill show you sometime.
-there is NOTHING i will not do for friends.
-im unlike anyone you will ever meet.

Life is a tragedy face it.
Life is a duty perform it. Life is a game play it. Life is a mystery unfold it.
Life is a song sing it.
Life is an opportunity take it.
Life is a journey complete it.
Life is a promise fulfill it.
Life is a goal achieve it.
Life is a puzzle solve it.
Life is a struggle fight it.
Life is a spirit release it. Life is a beauty praise it. Life is a love embrace it.<3

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  • Is trying to keep their mouth shut and not say everything they are thinking...and if you know their them you know how hard this is for them to do!!

    9 years ago
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  • When life gives you lemons, cut them in half and squeeze them into the eyes of the people who tick you will make you feel better.....

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