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Hello to the person whoever is reading this. I don't really know what to say but here goes nothing.
I write from experience and my feelings.
I love the fact that Im able to read other peoples poems and quotes because I could see their prospective on things and emotions, its a great way to learn from one another and about eachother.
Being able to read what many people feel but cant put to words is amazing.
It's even more amazing when people write from the heart and deep emotions you could just feel it.
I thank everyone who writes on this website for allowing us to read about you.
If you ever need someone to listen, im here for you. Im a great listener just not good at advice. Either way I'll do my best, just message me.
I know many people say that but Im serious I really wouldnt mind listening or talking to anyone.
Good Day or Night to you dude or dudette

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    Everyday is the same
    one word and ill go insane...

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    Think things will get better...

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  • Alot to Look Forward to! Many Dreams to Make Real!
    Many Obsticals to Face, But NONE Will Stop Me!

    7 years ago
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