Favorite Poems of Kate

  • Sleepless Nights (1) 1

    by MysteryMan

    When the dawns’ light fleetingly fades
    Im forced to sleep through the pain...

  • What We Use To Be (1) 1

    by MysteryMan

    Sweet memories fill my head of what we use be
    Reminiscing on the good times we shared...

  • table of contents. (1) 2

    by hiraeth

    with time dressing all wounds leisurely,
    do you think memories are nocturnal...

  • you cup soft breath in your palms,
    offering it to the stars as an exchange...

  • i used to think i could find home by
    tracing your fingers back to where...

  • daylilies (4) 6 HM

    by hiraeth

    sometimes i think there’s a palace tucked away
    between your lips; a house of hummingbirds...

  • iridescent dreams. (1) 6 HM

    by hiraeth

    love crescendos at three a.m. when thoughts of you
    course through my pores – i dream of you...

  • Last Place (1) 1

    by Matt Carroll

    The look in my eyes is there, you're just blind to...
    The tone of my voice is clear, but you're deaf to...

  • Epicenter (8) 8 WIN

    by Aegis

    There's earthquakes between my
    eyes and I can't even knock...

  • Pieces (3) 4

    by Acoustic Odyssey

    Hello, my name is Daniel,
    and I'm infatuated with puzzles...

  • the lightkeeper. (7) 7

    by hiraeth

    winter begets silence as the sparrows
    struggle for warmth, the slowly-dying...