Slang Poems

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  • Te Extrano (2)

    by Jennifer

    No se como pudiste entrar en mi,
    no se como me salvaste de la obscuridad...

  • I Love You (2)

    by Melissa

    I'm here laying on my bed
    Thinking in my head...

  • I have no idea (5)

    by justin

    Family itz a good word
    thatz suppose 2 come wit great love ones...

  • Set It Off (2)

    by KATIE

    I'm getting tired man
    of all you jealous haters...

  • Anger (4) 1

    by deeplydesturbed

    If Anger was a color,
    It would be blood red...

  • Chicks (2) 3

    by girlgood

    For all the chicks staring in my direction dAMN...
    i understand girls talk behind my back...

  • Your Last Chance(Goodbye) (4) 1

    by Giegielove Goddess Poet

    The World was quite so happy as we started our new...
    I thought it would be the last time and we'll...

  • Have you had a sway today? (8) 3


    Have you had a sway today?
    It's just a little hip move to the left or to the...

  • Ninguna Como Tu 10/23/06 (3)

    by PoeticJustice

    Ninguna se parese, Ninguna me merese
    Ninguna Como Tu...

  • In Love (8) 2

    by Sammerz

    I'm glad that i found you.
    Your like the candy...

  • Ineed a real vatO (3) 1

    by Laydi Dreamer

    One whO can keep it real && always stay...
    wOnt eva smile in ma face thn turn arOund...

  • Cupid (5)

    by Mike Wilburn

    A playful Angel born from a silver egg
    The god of love, erotic perhaps of which I beg...