Dark Poems

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  • Anew (2) 2

    by Blake

    Anything is art if you ask it to be
    Though eternal it is when handled by me...

  • Serenity (2) 2

    by Evi.

    The knife in my hand twitches
    As I hear The One come in...

  • tinnitus (acrostic) (9) 5

    by - Mr. Darcy

    These scraping nails
    Inside my chalkboard mind will...

  • Rose-blood red. (1) 1

    by Fenrir

    Funny, isn't it?
    This rose stands so beautiful...

  • Green (Senryu) - 5

    by Augustus Black

    believe it or not,
    but we're under their control...

  • Two Warriors 1

    by WanderingShade

    Two warrior's stand side by side,
    Backs pressed firmly together...

  • Life and Death (1) 1

    by WanderingShade

    There were once two lovers,
    One that vowed to protect all life...

  • Writing on the Wall (8) 3

    by Tony

    I've slammed and locked all of the doors
    Put barricades at every floor...

  • If heaven broke the rules for me,
    or if the Gods have been too kind...

  • Titania

    by Blake

    The maiden so fair
    In all her grace...

  • Oberon

    by Blake

    Of all the kings
    Bear him to mind...

  • The smoke that fills your lungs, and escapes your...
    That posions your breath and decays your teeth...