Dark Poems

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  • Respect (1)

    by Sahaj Sabharwal

    *1Respect is the Desire of everybody's mind...

  • The Upcoming Battle 1

    by Ramy medhat

    I’m wondering
    What has happened?! and What has become...

  • Satan Is The Enemy

    by tayboyyyy

    Satan is the enemy,
    Who gives us a load of hell...

  • the gold mom carried gave bruises
    and blisters...

  • Kneel for me. (2) 1

    by Fenrir

    Through fire and smoke.
    Water and ice...

  • Calgary Wisps (4) 6

    by Fraegduu Ma'auschteh Hleur

    The moon was sat tight
    After Dusk’s light...

  • Superhero 1

    by nathan jones

    You fall like a burning star to a world that is...

  • An intersection in time (2) 3

    by Ya----Na

    There is a door
    through the forest of my sleep...

  • Laurel Tree On Fire. (1) 3

    by Rosy Cheeks And Irony

    I have Eyes closed and suddenly everything feels...
    Again. How she reminded me of the choice to wade...

  • Gem

    by Hope

    Gone in the wind,
    Corinthian in the fall...

  • Ember-
    what could I forget by the campfire...

  • Gloaming Lover (1) 1

    by Tony

    In and out the carrion slithers
    As my love rots and withers...