Dark Poems

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  • UnSkull (5) 6 HM

    by Jordan

    Caves run deep.
    Never are eyes shy to show...

  • She Takes A Leap (7) 4

    by Meena Krish

    Frenzy fists pound against the door,

  • Like A Lie (4) 2

    by Hallo A Lilium

    It's like a lie that you continue to tell
    Always pretending every thing's going well...

  • Anna Elizabeth May (22) 11

    by Ben Pickard

    As I passed the cemetery, I saw her crying -
    A little girl unsuccessfully trying...

  • I've been through the bad lands
    I'm now afraid of man's hands...

  • I died that day...
    I gave my life doing what I loved best...

  • last supper (etheree) (3) 4

    by - Mr. Darcy


  • Snake Whisperer (6) 2

    by Soft Parade

    Slippery Serpent navigates the cream
    Delectable sights unearthed in a dream...

  • Deathcoration (4) 5

    by Michael Morbid

    This situation is most queer,
    my lawn gnome has moved ever near...

  • Bitter Lust Blows (10) 5 HM

    by NyellMoonlight


  • Heart beats on (13) 8 HM

    by TJ Arizona Eagle

    Mountains rose high in a sky turning
    purple with splashes of lilac and gold...

  • The Dreamer (3) 1

    by Armada the Gestalt

    I was conceived in
    A flurry of paper and ink...