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  • If love is hate and hate is love then is pain happyness and happyness is pain so it grows? lol if you laughed or smiled then u understand it

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  • Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.

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  • I'd rather be a b**ch than a h*e. I'd rather tell it like it is than blow every guy I know

    by Rihanna
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  • Call me a s**t. Call me a wh**e. Call me whatever. I've heard it before. Say that I'm fake. Say that I lie. Say what you want. You won't see me cry, because I know none of it's true, but calling me all this shit, ha, what the hell does that make you?

    by Rihanna
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  • Friend at house: Hey you have a bathroom?
    Me: Noooooo, we shit outside.

    by Luna
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  • Me: Hey, God, what's a million years to you?
    God: A minute.
    Me: what's a million dollars to you?
    God: A penny.
    Me: Can I have a penny?
    God: In a minute.

    by Kaetaj
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  • Shit man, almost went to jail...
    that game of monopoly is intense.

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  • Cutest fight
    I want to end this relationship,
    i wil return you everything which you gave me!
    ok! lets start with

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  • The greatest happiness of life is knowing we are loved-loved for who we are, or sometimes, loved inspite of how we are. -Victor Hugo

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  • Boy: want to go on a date?
    girl: sure whatt do u want to do?
    boy: go to the movies?
    girl:what do u wana see?


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