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  • That words can be simply plucked from the air and shaped into something beautiful is fascinating and wonderful indeed.

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  • Sometimes it's not the music that gets us emotional it's the people and things that come to mind when listening to it.

    by Em
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  • A mirror reflects nothing worth seeing.

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  • A battered soul makes a kind heart.

    by Em
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  • I have discovered, with wondrous ease, the answer that has so baffled the worthiest of philosophers: Is there a greater meaning or higher purpose to life?

    Indeed there is. Stilton and red wine.

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  • I fear the life of a poet is plagued by an unquenchable thirst for happiness

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  • A writer not only writes what the writer feels but the writer can also feel what the writer writes

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  • Being in love is like playing with fire you always get burned

    by TheMask
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  • Must keep my eyes open, can't fall asleep yet, I'm widely wake, but for how long?

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  • This Ink we share is thicker then the blood we don't.

    by Brookie
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