Poems About Nature

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  • Mystery (1) 1

    by Satish Verma

    The fumbling picks up.
    The sixth sense...

  • A Broken Pride (1) 1

    by Satish Verma

    A leap into death bed.
    The water of life...

  • A Pilgrim’s Woe

    by Satish Verma

    Strange. You want to protect
    the house after the attack...

  • Wings ( Haiku) (5) 5

    by ddavidd

    The river crosses
    prairies like a butterfly...

  • Snapshot Of My Garden

    by Vince Gullaci

    The wild blackbird
    had a huge wound...

  • Why,
    eye of the storm...

  • The Kicking Winds 1

    by Satish Verma

    A doer was seeking
    a physical thing...

  • Individuality

    by Satish Verma

    One day, a dark tunnel
    will ask, what was your...

  • A breathtaking view (2) 1

    by Dagmar Wilson

    The great Lake Jordan
    famous beautiful sunset...

  • It seems that rain drops are tear drops,
    the downpour from the arborists' spree...

  • Reverie

    by Satish Verma

    It was not the ordinariness.
    The pain of rejection. One...

  • Pivoting 2

    by Satish Verma

    Under a blue moon,
    a cuckoo...