Peace Is Not A Way Of Life

by Mark Spencer   Mar 3, 2014

Peace Is Not A Way Of Life
By Mark Spencer

I wrote a poem about peace
And claimed it is a goal.
Some played the devil's advocate,
With an opposing roll.

They labeled peace a way of life,
An altruistic state.
That can exist within the mire
Of violence and hate.

But sadly, I must disagree,
I know of whom they speak.
They talk of those who walk away
In search of what they seek.

They choose to leave our way of life
And live off of the land.
But sometimes when their bellies ache
They will hold out their hand.

They want to live like Bonobos
And love without a care.
The things we covet in this world
Should be openly shared.

And in their world they think they're right,
While you and I are wrong.
But they'll still beg for our money,
In exchange for a song.

They use our charity for food,
For labor brings no prize.
These folks prefer the passive life,
Seen through a dreamer's eyes.

But if the whole world lived this way
Would utopia thrive?
If none were left to do the work
How long could man survive?

Humans are individuals,
No two minds think the same.
We've never found that common ground,
Peace lives only in name.

No point in human history
Does conflict not exist.
Presented with a righteous plan,
Somebody will resist.

It's never been a way of life
To live in harmony.
That which is dreamed but not achieved
Is just a fantasy.

As long as dreams like these are dreamed
Then conflict will prevail.
What right have you to dream for me,
Do you think mine will fail?

There is no peace upon a path
Divergent from the whole.
Such roads are paved by those who think
They have a better goal.

Peace is only an opinion,
A theory, nothing more.
It can't be found in ages past,
Or dreams that came before.

It's simply not a way of life,
Peace doesn't have a soul.
Until it proves it can exist,
It's just another goal.


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Latest Comments

  • 3 years ago

    by Maple Tree

    Mark has crafted an inspirational delight with this wonderful Rhyme poem about Peace! I was touched, moved, and inspired with the message he expressed within this poem.
    I adore a powerful rhyme poem that can move me to tears!
    The flow was not choppy or blunt; It just moved within a rhythm that the reader can fall to the floor in awe with.

    "Peace is only an opinion,
    A theory, nothing more.
    It can't be found in ages past,
    Or dreams that came before."

    I highlighted this passage from the poem to just express the wonderful display of word usage within this poem.. the message speaks HIGH volumes of powerful expressions and emotions.
    Truly an elegant poem here by Mark Spencer

  • 4 years ago

    by Darren

    Judging comments

    It is the last stanza that caught my eye, it is almost a poem on its own or an epitaph that describes human nature and our daily struggles with peace as a planet. Somebody somewhere at any time is provoking violence or war. Whether it be physical or emotionally, there is always somebody who cannot look at a peaceful option.
    I love how this whole poem has a real polished feel to it. (I will overlook the missing 'l' from labelled) it is not a biggy IMO.
    The flow of this is gorgeous and has a real lyrical feel. The first stanza takes you by the hand and leads you beautifully through each stanza that follows. Every stanza hammers home the point you want to make and the constant use of the word 'peace' really drives home this.
    Best of all your rhyming comes across as very natural. Not many rhyming poems get the plaudits they deserve. This feels like a proper poem and I am pleased that I can give it 10 points on my watch. Awesomeness personified.

  • 4 years ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    Sorry this is late but congratulations on your win, very well-deserved in my opinion!

  • 4 years ago

    by Meena Krish

    A very well thought out poem weaved with facts of life. Congrats on the win.

  • 4 years ago

    by Karla

    A well deserved win. Congrats.

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