Musing thoughts

by The Fairy Mary Poppins   Apr 22, 2017

I'd singe your hands
as you tried to reach
deep inside my
heart as if trying
to find some tiny
beat, but couldn't
even find one

Your corpse bride, that
is what I became when
the bride all of us wed
took your hand, and I
fool, that I am had to let
go as it unveiled your soul
away from your body.

In my tattered gown made of
pixie dust and dreams looked
up at the stars trying to decipher
some answer as to why I'm alone
when supposing we had forever.

If waiting an eternity would fix
the ache of the departure of
a heavenly memory in a mind
full of volatile thoughts it'd be
worth this invisible noose tightening
its grip on me.


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  • 2 years ago

    by Poetess

    Haven't read your stuff in a while! I like this, kinda darkish. <3

  • 2 years ago

    by Pagan Paul

    Nice ink poetess :)

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