Favorite Poems of DeviousCharmer

  • Sleeping.. (5)

    by XxxWordsOfWisdomxxX

    When the tears are too heavy to hold,
    I sleep the pain away...

  • Find Me (9) 5 WIN

    by UtterlyAlive

    Tell me who I am
    Because I can't find my self tonight...

  • Secrets (1)

    by XxxWordsOfWisdomxxX

    Not every cut,
    You can see...

  • On My Own

    by XxxWordsOfWisdomxxX

    Look at these tears,
    That you've left in my skin...

  • Broken winged Lullaby (2)

    by XTaintedxBeautyX

    With broken wings I can't do much,
    they lack the love from your touch...

  • Emotional Escape (2)

    by WintersAngel

    There's anger in this world of darkness
    A feeling too strong to hide...

  • Masks (1)

    by XxxWordsOfWisdomxxX

    When the mask falls
    What lies beneath...

  • Death (8) 3 HM

    by safachan

    When you die you simply leave everyone behind
    body and soul you walk out from everybody's mind...

  • If Only.. (2)

    by XxxWordsOfWisdomxxX

    If you only really knew me
    Maybe then you would see...

  • Demonic (3) 1

    by Alexis Anderson

    The demonic ways you think
    the awful scenes you play over and...

  • Shattered Silence (6)

    by LostForWords

    You left me that morning and
    so much was left unsaid. Who...

  • His Perspective (1)

    by phantasticstarkid

    I see the scars on her arms
    And know I'm to blame...

  • Limbs, Lips, and Lies (6) 1

    by Hannah Lizette

    Tangle your lies
    between our pretzel...

  • Parallel Universe (13) 1

    by Hannah Lizette

    In a world where
    dandelions grew into skyscrapers...

  • The days tell tales
    Upon your face...

  • Mirror, Mirror (14) 1

    by Daylight Lucidity

    Mirror, mirror, on the wall
    Who's the darkest of them all...

  • Lost at Sea (2)

    by Daylight Lucidity

    Breathing through the cuts they've left
    Swimming through the hate I bleed...

  • Sick Christmas Tree (3)

    by Daylight Lucidity

    My clock has ceased its obnoxious ticking,
    It has yet to echo once more...

  • Wallflower (7)

    by beauty from ashes

    There in the corner, where no one notices
    Is someone dying for acceptance...

  • Midnight Madness (4) 1

    by Gone Forever

    Fresh fallen snow
    covering the land...

  • Early Morning Rain (2)

    by Gone Forever

    It trickles down my skin,
    chilling even him...

  • Glass Doll (2)

    by Cecilia

    I am the perfect glass doll
    With porcelain skin...

  • A Heavy Heart (5)

    by Fulcrous

    I've had enough
    Of pain and sorrow...

  • Emotions Inside Me (8) 2

    by Someone Invisible

    No body knows what I'm holdin' inside,
    I try my hardest not to run and hide...

  • Sleep is my rescue (5) 1

    by Bryanna

    Sleep is my rescue.
    I lay to die every night...

  • Just Stop (1)

    by HeatherJo

    You try to be like me
    take my life and my man...

  • My Death (3)

    by frozen rose

    The water is rising around me
    I'm stuck in the middle of it all...

  • Can't Wake Me Up (3)

    by frozen rose

    I'm falling in a sea of despair
    Nothing you say can help me to repair...

  • Beast In The Mirror (4)

    by frozen rose

    I look in the broken mirror
    But only see a demon...

  • Habit Of My Dear Friend (12) 4

    by CathyButterflyJC

    I know what my best friend does when no ones...

  • Satan (4)

    by Thermos

    I hate your stench,
    I hate your life...

  • Scars, The Ones You Don't See (6) 1

    by Roses Bleed

    My scars are all in the mind,
    I have no cuts on my fore-arms...

  • No Way From the Pain (4)

    by CathyButterflyJC

    No Way From The Pain...

  • Between Home and I-65 (9) 2 HM

    by Hannah Lizette

    Somewhere between home and I-65,
    I found you...

  • You Tear Me Apart (4)

    by CathyButterflyJC

    You tear me apart,
    With every word you say that stings...

  • The Call Came, He Was Dead (26)

    by CathyButterflyJC

    The call came sometime around ten
    I heard the sorrowful voice on the other end...

  • If This Is Poetry (8) 1

    by Poetess

    If this is poetry,
    I would rather you fill...

  • My head is spinning,
    my hearts stopped beating...

  • The wind chime's
    sweet chime reminds me of you...

  • A dull dream (3)

    by Wafaa

    I wake up every day with a shred of
    hope, that my path will be embellished...

  • This Life without you... (2)

    by WanderingShade

    These thoughts of joy,
    Bring sorrow...

  • Mirror (10)

    by BruisedbutnotBroken

    As the colossal tears streamed down her face
    I knew something severe had to be the case...

  • Glad To Fall...

    by XxxWordsOfWisdomxxX

    Blood on my hands,
    With no memory of the past...

  • Hello, Darkness (1)

    by Delirium

    Hello darkness, my old friend
    I feel you creeping in again...

  • Pretty Girls Get Stitches (3)

    by XxxWordsOfWisdomxxX

    Alice broke the looking glass
    In half with her small fists...

  • Frozen..... (1)

    by XxxWordsOfWisdomxxX

    Oxygen barely reaches your lips
    Time starts to pass and you become frozen...

  • Black&Blue (2)

    by XxxWordsOfWisdomxxX

    I'm lost in a world
    That is not my own...

  • Imperfect Puppet (2)

    by XxxWordsOfWisdomxxX

    And as she breathes
    She remembers that little girl she used to be...

  • Suddenly (2)

    by Anywhere But Here

    you are all alone...

  • They say a person with no past
    has no future. But when it came...

  • Darkend Souls (56) 5

    by ..::Angel of your darkness::..

    His eyes where of darkness
    Reflected from his soul...

  • If Knives Could Kiss (12) 2

    by Xionide

    Just a gentle kiss smoothly sliding from ear to...
    Shh don't scream, close your mouth, taste the fear...