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I'm a pretty average kinda guy, apparently quite smart, but I seldom use elongated and overly expressive words when a simple one does exactly the same job. I favour the simplicity of life. Ha as if life is ever simple!

I sometimes think I've an overly active brain. Sometimes I will write random twaddle, sometimes something lovely, sometimes of things that hurt. Mostly these are locked away but gradually I'm letting go. (They're gone)

I tend to write a lot of things that rhyme although many don't start out as such, not always but quite often.

I think I like the basic mathematical structure of rhymes it's kinda order out of chaotic thoughts. Then again I'm the same guy who has a thing about things being symmetrical.

I've written a lot of things that I wouldn't class as poetry although some perhaps would. To me they are just thoughts taken from my head and written down. I may post one or two (if I've got the guts) just to see what people's opinions are. One thing that links most of them though is that they are born of experience (but not always as I like to play with fantasy sometimes). Often there are metaphors and hidden meanings, but unless you know my head you may not get the meaning.

Enjoy the ride

Anyway that's me in an egg shell



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  • When creating art as in life, it's important to remember that sometimes enough can be too much.

    1 month ago
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  • Nothing in life is guaranteed,

    Apart from one thing.

    At some time you will to pay tax!

    2 months ago
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  • Don't matter how alone you feel.
    Don't matter how much pain.

    Someone will always smile for you.
    Smile back !
    Someone will always reach out to you.
    It's up to you, grab that hand, ascend.

    Or fall.

    Don't be stubborn.

    Peace out


    2 months ago
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