Funny Poems Using Slang Words

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  • You just like me (3)

    by cvgorilla boy

    I dance , i talk
    i walk the walk...

  • Omg (1)

    by Kylie Jo

    look at that freak...

  • Bff

    by Brittany

    I'm sorry I never told you what went down that...
    I killed my grandpa, what was there to say...

  • A way she went (1)

    by Fan Angeleo

    Er whistles to the wind
    brightly you spoke this...

  • Look at me and what do you see,
    Lovable, affectionate a golden key...

  • Growing up (3)

    by Lil Ash

    Oh no another grown up party
    i hate it when i have to look tarty...

  • Ramdon (1)

    by kerrigan

    Cities towns circus clowns,
    creepy sneaks circus freaks...

  • Funny poem i thought of

    by Kierra Kemp

    We so dangerous u dont want 2 sleep near us we...

  • Princesses

    by Neme juste un jouet

    The Queen had the roses panted red,
    just like Alice said...

  • Bandwocky (3)

    by Cortney

    'Twas Greenday, and the Metallica Pussycat Dolls
    Did Poison and Hinder in the Simple Plan...

  • A Blind Man

    by Venessa

    A Blind Man Was Walking
    By A Fish Maket And Said...

  • The inamagionable muffin. (3)

    by DiamondEYES

    Yes, I ate that muffin
    The muffin of yours...