Funny Poems Using Slang Words

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  • Cupid (5)

    by Mike Wilburn

    A playful Angel born from a silver egg
    The god of love, erotic perhaps of which I beg...

  • School (2)

    by xo kisses xo

    I need to break out
    let it all hang free...

  • The inamagionable muffin. (3)

    by DiamondEYES

    Yes, I ate that muffin
    The muffin of yours...

  • Black peper (2)

    by Sarah Nicole

    Pepper shaker
    peeper shaker...

  • Confused (3)

    by Niccie

    Peepl alwaz sayn IM me
    Or txtmeplz...

  • The Poem (3)

    by aisyned

    One eye is black,
    One eye is blue...

  • Wigger (3)

    by amanda

    You walk down the school halls
    acting like a wigger...

  • Ur bbgurll (1)

    by brandy wilson

    I love you more than anything
    i think of you as my world...

  • I Miss You....NOT!! (5)

    by PoEtGiRl16

    You ignore,ignore me
    You use to adore me...

  • He Said (2)

    by ShawnnaLeigh

    Ever since he saw her
    his heart started to race...

  • 1.Keep changing the TV channel every 4 seconds.
    2.Learn "ice ice baby" by heart and...

  • Redneck Life (20)

    by DestinyAwaits

    Before you read this, it may offend you. And if it...
    Written by Melissa (half black), Annabelle...