Funny Poems Using Slang Words

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  • My Observations (2)

    by CamilleCOCO

    Oh boy, You're still inlove with her! To bad she's...

  • I'm crazy (Trippin' Hard) (1)

    by Justsayno2drugs

    I’m an antisocial crazy martyr alien...
    Where my father’s fiancÃ&copy...

  • Who's moonin' who?! (1)

    by Milton Toran

    I joined a nudist colony,
    what a big mistake...

  • Country boy (1)

    by Milton Toran

    I'm a country boy,
    as country as can be...

  • Dance, Macoomba!

    by francis x reilly

    "DANCE, MACOOMBA!" the tribal people...
    Sensing the urgency in their voices...

  • Game over

    by girlgood

    Always hollering
    boo lets chill...

  • Should've known better

    by suicidal rose in a field of flowers

    Time after time you broke my heart, people called...

  • If you read my poem

    by william kamore

    If you read my poem say yes
    if you don't like my poem...

  • Girls`

    by Kylie Jo

    The girls at my school,
    have nothin' better to do...

  • Elmos World Elmos world

    by Chicken Soup

    Elmo's world is crazy
    You see In Elmo's world Bert's head popped in his...

  • Dr. Suess (2)

    by Koriey Korrupted

    Compose yourself sweet child
    No time for the tears...

  • School sucks (3)

    by Charming

    People hate school
    Since it makes you look like a fool...