Slang Poems

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  • By Bhekumuzi Mdakane @mdkholdings
    Reaching for the same ending...

  • These Days

    by Mandy Klein

    When these days Are meaningless to me No cares for...

  • Have you had a sway today? (8) 3


    Have you had a sway today?
    It's just a little hip move to the left or to the...

  • I lived the High Life with regrets!
    Yes, but I died to the low life! I fed upon life's...

  • The Fate 1

    by Tommy

    I hate snakes who smile in your face
    But be the 1st to seal your fate...

  • A Poet's inquiry (6) 6


    A Poet's inquiry
    When you write your Prose do you hold your nose or...

  • Tiddles gets caught in the rain (syntuit)
    suzie smirks and asks...

  • Apathy

    by The Alaskan Husky

    Why do I care to write this down?
    cuz it'll just circle back round again...

  • She wears her blue jeans with her pearls
    And she's sportin them long brown curls...

  • Creeping corruption (9) 6

    by Trevor Hughes

    Chillen at my house I'm so high in my head zone
    I don't even know what to do or what to get, no...

  • Like Crazy

    by Cold Kira

    Doing anything just to bother!
    Like other is like a thing...

  • A Single Act (2)

    by Oluwaseye Olayode Taiwo

    A single kindness can change everything
    A single moment of deep reflection...