Sad Poems Using Slang Words

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  • Eyes pt1

    by Merdy

    Later, no matter what shock or terror I faced,
    I never blinked an eye...

  • My pain (8)

    by Kelwin lost in thought

    My pain is not easy
    it starts out when I was five...

  • I blame you.

    by Love Hurts

    I blame you
    for all those sleepless nights...

  • Beneath the surface(2009)

    by Lyric overdose

    Look into her eyes and you will see an empty soul
    Not a hope, Not a dream, Not even a single goal...

  • I Refuse(2009)

    by Lyric overdose

    1 young man , 1 young life
    it was a accident wrong place wrong time...

  • Bottles and Cans (2)

    by Samuel Ernst

    Bottles and cans litter my floor,
    A path to my bed in liquored decour...

  • Dont walk my way,
    I dont want to talk today...

  • God took you away

    by Brian Wilburn

    Little one...

  • Tough

    by Brian Wilburn

    Life is Tough
    Hate Fillin so rough...

  • Feel empty (6)

    by Jose

    I can't help but to feel empty
    i need a new life or something to make me feel...

  • Darkness around me (3)

    by Darclyfe

    In the Darkness
    I sit with my heart torn in two...

  • Another girls smile

    by chloe farrant

    Our anniversary, the first date, your charm, me...
    Our son has you eyes, lips and mouth but i know...