Sad Poems Using Slang Words

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  • Strange Nightmare (8)

    by Heidi

    Trapped in a dark world,
    Seeking the truth...

  • Walking away (14)

    by ECILA ice

    Crawling away to this scourging heat
    Away from the blazing fire of hell...

  • I'm still the same person,
    Inside and out...

  • What you did to me 2

    by little one

    Id rather overdose or blow my fukin brains on the...
    Because after 11 years I still cant deal with all...

  • Is it so hard? (5)

    by Special K

    She's tired of all games and jokes.
    They do nothing but cause her pain...

  • She's Not Okayy. <'3 (1)

    by Chrissi

    She Says She's Fine ; But She's Going Insane.
    She Says She Feels Good ; But She's In Alot Of...

  • I cry every day and night
    Im sad even wen i laugh...

  • My Demon

    by lakitu

    "Do it!" the demon whispered
    "Shed another drop&quot...

  • Im not perfect 1

    by PiMpCeSzTiiAnA

    I'm not crying
    my eyes are just full of tears...

  • Broken Hearted Shame (7)

    by CourtneyLouxxx

    My inner soul defeated
    A path I choose to roam...

  • Same road, different paths (3)

    by LOVEcanHEALorKILL

    We walk a road
    we walk the same road...

  • 13 (5)

    by xXVampiraXx

    One cut because i hurt you
    One cut because i care...