Sad Poems Using Slang Words

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  • Loyal Twin (34)

    by Just Sierra

    Sister is crying again
    And I don’t know what to do...

  • At my doorstep he leaves me.
    Still mad because he didn’t get what he...

  • For those who have read my poems
    Will have noticed their very deep...

  • I'm sorry... (30)

    by ღ Christina ღ

    I’m sorry to those I’ve hurt, to...
    Realizing know, our friendships will never be the...

  • Two whole hearts soon to be broken
    Their secret love went unspoken...

  • My tears =) (23)

    by Sweet lig

    If only my tears could speak,
    They'd speak, how my broken heart...

  • My Life (18)

    by ~iloveantz~

    So many emotions inside me,
    I cant control my pain...

  • Forgetting Trust (16)

    by JustAFoolInLove

    If I died
    And went to hell...

  • Unpretty (16)

    by Heather M Craig

    An overweight girl taught by all,
    scales are judgement of beauty...

  • Still Alive (16)

    by Just Sierra

    Through my eyes I cried
    A thousand words without delay...

  • Hidn Tearz (16)

    by Bredada

    She conceals her tearz
    Covers her Fearz...

  • Im tired (16)

    by X~ BrOkEn BeYoNd RePaIr ~X

    I'm tired of pretending
    that everythin's OK...