Birthday poems

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  • That Day

    by bob roberts

    That day ,
    When i held you close to me...

  • May this day be for you like poetry;
    Raw not as meat but as rain . . . refreshing as...

  • Your Birthday:

    by Scott Cole

    Your Birthday comes
    but once a year...

  • Heaven Celebrates (2)

    by Baby Rainbow

    This day has never been the same
    since we buried you beneath an April sky...

  • The Unwrapped Present (1)

    by cassie hughes

    There it sits beneath the tree,
    golden and tempting, with...

  • Thirteen belated years (6)

    by Dancing Rivers

    Thirteen belated years
    mark a time of insolent celebration...

  • Happy birthday Baby

    by Jessie Colon

    Beginning of a new chapter
    A whole new world...

  • New Born Happiness (3)

    by cassie hughes

    Sunlight streams through fresh washed glass
    and dries the tears of rains gone by...

  • Today I have left my teen age behind
    today I celebrate my twentieth year on earth...

  • Mother's Birthday

    by Michael D Nalley

    I can't remember my first with her
    but I once perceived one as my last...

  • Now That You Are 60

    by peggy boone

    Now that you are 60:
    you find that your teeth are taken out more than...

  • Before I was Born

    by Michael D Nalley

    It was about this time in 1955
    I was in the womb, but alive...